Download The Xara Plug-in

The plug-in allows you to import XAR and WEB files into Xara3D (version 3 and above). The CD version of Xara3D - which is sent to everyone who buys the program - comes with the plug-in already installed, but to reduce filesize, the download version does not include the plug-in.

Xara plug-in (version 2.08a) - 254KB

Download by FTP
Download by HTTP

Notes on installing the Xara plug-in are available if you need assistance.

The Xara plug-in also allows you to view WEB and XAR files (made by Xara Webster and CorelXARA) in a browser. It means you can insert these graphic files into any web page and then zoom in on the images while viewing them in your internet browser. The plugin does not work in IE 5.5 and above. Microsoft stopped support for Netscape Plugins after IE5.