Xara X CD patch 2.2

This patch fixes a number of known issues relating to all versions (1.0b and 1.0c) of the Xara X CD. We recommend that all users of these versions of Xara X download and install the patch. Please read all the instructions before installing.

Patch 2.2 for Xara X CD - 2.15MB

Download now by HTTP
from http://downloads.xara.com/downloads/software/xpatch2_2.exe

Installing the patch

Please Note: This patch will only work with the CD version of Xara X - not the downloaded version whether it's locked or unlocked. You do not need to install this patch if youhave successfully installed patch 2.1.

To install the patch:

  1. Download the patch and Save it to your PC (a specific location is not required)
  2. Exit all programs
  3. If you are using Windows NT/2000, log on with an account which has Administrator rights
  4. Run the patch (by clicking on it)

Release notes

This patch fixes:

  • The XaraDraw.dll error some users experienced while installing the previous patch(2.1)
  • A TIFF export error when imagemaps are active
  • Problems when exporting monochrome bitmaps to some file formats
  • An error during the exporting of bitmaps from the Name Gallery
  • A color rendering error when exporting animated GIFs with hidden frames
  • Problems with using a page background in an animated GIF
  • Some Profile dialogue issues
  • Other minor issues