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GADDESDEN Place was designed by James Wyatt and built between 1768 and 1773.

It is reputed to be Wyatt's first country work and accurately represents his conformity at the start of his active career to the English Palladian tradition. The house is set in an elevated position overlooking the Gade valley and enjoys one of the finest views in the Home Counties.

The conservatory was added in 1891 and has recently been extensively restored. The quadrant links and north and south pavilions were demolished in 1955 and 1963 because of dry rot. The house and its grounds have been frequently used as film locations.

Work has now been completed on restoring the south wing, with two stories being added to the existing building. Not only has this given the company much-needed extra office space, but it has considerably enhanced the look of the building from the driveway. The photo to the right shows the newly-restored wing (on the right of the photo).

A map showing how to get to Gaddesden Place is available.