Xara Xtreme - Photo Stitching Tutorial
One of the most popular new features in Xara Xtreme 4.0 is the ability to stitch together up to 6 photographs into a single wide, high-resolution panorama. In this tutorial, I will show you how to stitch together 3 photo-graphs into a single wide panorama as shown below in Photograph 1. In the second part of the tutorial I will demonstrate some useful techniques for enhancing a panorama photo once you’ve created it, as shown in Photograph 2.
Until quite recently, when making wide panoramas, you had to take your photos with great care ensuring each photo was exactly the right exposure, that each was taken on exactly the same axis (sometimes even using special equipment) and that it was at a known focal length. In other words it was a pretty specialist job. What’s more, with the photo stitching software it was necessary to manually identify identical points on each photo so the software knew how to join up each image. Tedious and time consuming!
But the state of the art has moved on incredibly in the last few years - and the Xara Xtreme photo stitcher is more advanced than others. So now you can just snap a sequence of photos, with any digital camera, without needing any special equipment or even worrying about exposure settings. The software is entirely automatic, determining exactly how to stitch the images together to create a seamless result. It adjusts the exposure, automatically ‘bends’ the image to compensate for lens distortion of different focal lengths, and blends the images so well you cannot tell these were ever separate images. And of course Xara Xtreme is the world’s fastest software at handling huge high resolution photos, and so once you’ve stitched your enormous 30 Megapixel images together, it’s quicker and easier to manipulate, enhance or edit the result.
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Xara Xtreme - Photo Stitching Tutorial
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