Inspirational Art : Eugene Spearance

This image from Eugene Spearance is not just a great example of the power of Xara Xtreme shading, but is more subtle than that. If you look closely you can see the skin has a texture which adds greatly to the realism of this artwork. In this case he's using the Mehdi 'Grain Natural' Live Effect plug-in applied on top of the drawing to create a much more realistic skin texture.

Move your mouse over the thumbnail image in the top left corner.
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Requires Flash 6.

Creating subtle shading like this is a challenge for any vector drawing program. Some programs use a 'mesh fill' approach which is notoriously difficult to master, is complex and very slow. Various Xara artists find it easier and much, much quicker to use Xara's feather and transparency feature to create shading like this.

Here is a break down of part of the drawing. The basic technique is simply to overlay one shape on top of another where you want highlights or lowlights, and to use the unique Xara feather feature and graduated transparency to control the blending and shape of the highlights. So with a few overlaid shapes it's possible to create really subtle complex shading like this: