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Inspirational Art : Norman Spencer (Parahandy on TalkGraphics)

Regulars on TalkGraphics will know that Norman Spencer's irrepressible enthusiasm and imagination has been an inspiration to all other forum members over the last few years.

We have compiled this selection from the 900 or so images (yes, nine hundred since joining in January 2004!) included in his thousands of posts to the various Xtreme forums at TalkGraphics. Probably no two people would choose the same favorites, so this is just our personal selection. We link to other collections below, so you can browse through the majority of his posted images.

Norman's main interest was cars, so that's where we've started. But scroll on down to see some of his other images, including some which perfectly capture his sense of humor.

If you would like to see many more of Norman's transport themed images, then you can wallow in the entire transport collection on The Parahandy Picture Parade, compiled in his honor by TalkGraphics moderator Steve Ledger with the help of Risto Klint.

However, cars were by no means the only theme, so we've included a handful of others to give you an inkling of his many different interests and talents - as well as a hint of his sense of humor.

And finally, a couple of our personal favorites that include photos of Norman and brought a smile to everyone's face when posted in TalkGraphics. Norman printing money in his workshop; standing in his garden with the addition of a statue cut from another photo (there's another post in which he uses the same technique to demonstrate his likeness to Burt Lancaster, alas the post is unfound at this point). And finally Norman showing off his own vintage alongside his drawing of a Model T Ford.

Some other TalkGraphics regulars muse over their favorite Parahandy images in this TalkGraphics thread.

Norman spent many hours of his retirement playing with Xtreme and posting his images in TalkGraphics, he claimed it was the best form of relaxation that a workaholic could know. We are fortunate to have shared that enjoyment with him.

Norman Spencer, 1922 - 2008.