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This tutorial shows you how easy it is to lighten or adjust a region of a photo. It also demonstrates the ultra-high performance and non-descructive nature of photo editing using Xara Xtreme.
The image shown left is a 21-Megapixel image from a Canon EOS 1D MkIII. The JPEG file is 9Mbytes and is 5616 by 3744 pixels. This is a huge image.
You can see this image is also rather dark, and that the right side of the model’s face is perhaps in too much shade. So our goal is going to be to lighten the right side of the face only and to do so in a natural looking fashion.
In order to follow this tutorial, you can download this sample image, and others, from the Canon website here:
Open the photo into a new photo document. You can do this by just dragging the JPG file from your File Explorer onto the title bar of Xara Xtreme. This opens a ‘photo document’ which has no white background, and is better for dealing with photos in Xtreme.
Click the right arrow below to move to the next step.
Xara Xtreme - a photo tutorial 1
Adjusting the brightness of part of a photo
Tutorial 1 
Tutorial 2