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Following on from the tutorial on enhancing sections of a photo, this tutorial explains the process to erase small objects on photos using a very similar technique.
This technique doesn't work with all photos, it depends on the background and subject. But if you have a relatively plain background with objects sitting on that background then you can erase those objects quite effectively using the ability to cut and copy sections of a photo.
This works in a broadly similar way to the 'clone' brush tool that you find in most painting programs. The clone tool typically lets you copy part of a photo from one place to another.
With Xara you can copy a region of the background on top of the object you want to erase.
Here is an example of a photo where I've erased small objects from my photo. Move your mouse over the image to see the before and after effect.
I took this photo of a waterfall on a long exposure to create the smooth flowing water effect. But the picture was spoiled by some very obvious blue and white objects in the bottom left corner.
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