The big news this month is the launch of Xara Xtreme Pro, the most powerful member of the Xara X family ever released.

To coincide with the introduction of Xara Xtreme Pro - which we will continue to sell alongside the existing Xara Xtreme - we have an introductory offer on both upgrades from Xtreme and the normal full retail price of Pro. It's the perfect chance to treat someone for Christmas - or even treat yourself!

Xtreme Pro offers the same power and flexibility as Xtreme, whether you're working with bitmaps or vector, but we've added new high end features requested by Xtreme's already very active user base of pro designers. Key new features of Xara Xtreme Pro include: Flash animation; Multi-page support and text tool enhancements; PSD import and export; support for PDF/X and other improvements in PDF export; a photo levels tool; color separation and Pantone color libraries.

You can read more about these below:

We think Xara Xtreme Pro now offers a one-stop graphics and document creation tool. Photos - drawings - leaflets - newsletters - business graphics - and even Flash animation.

Why spend the time and money purchasing, learning and using separate packages, when Xara Xtreme Pro can do it all? Often the most costly aspect of using separate packages is the learning curve of separate programs, plus the productivity loss of having to switch between packages, and export from one and import into the other.

The bottom line is that there's a great benefit in using just ONE package to create your document, where you can edit and enhance your photos, include illustrations or just give your document a fancy heading.

Flash is a vector graphic format - and Xtreme is acclaimed by many as the best vector graphic program available. So it should be a perfect fit (and let's just say that if you are familiar with Adobe's Flash authoring tool you will really appreciate Xtreme's intuitive drawing tools!). Well now at last you can use your favorite drawing program to create Flash animations directly.

Xara Xtreme Pro is not trying to compete with Adobe's Flash Professional tool (SRP $699). If you are a professional animator, clearly you need the most powerful animation tool. But if you're like the vast majority of graphics users, home user or professional, who has an occasional need to create a simple Flash animation, and don't need scripting, embedded sound or movies, then Xara's Flash creation tool is for you.

And when you consider the incredible versatility of Xara Xtreme Pro and it costs less than one third of Adobe's professional Flash tools, then the financial point is self evident.

We have a Flash tutorial movie that shows exactly how easy it is to create a simple Flash animation, here.
You can buy Xara Xtreme Pro right now!

You will be able to unlock the download immediately but note the CD and manual are not yet in production and so we won't start to make deliveries of the physical product until January (unfortunately the Christmas period is not a good time for production). Deliveries of the full package will be on the first ordered basis.

Another drawing from the very talented Valery Kouleshov. This uses many Xara Xtreme effects, but some subtle ones are the use of fractal transparency. Find out more

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Renaming layers/frames
To rename a layer or frame (when in the Layer or Frame gallery respectively) double click the layer/frame to open the Properties dialog then rename it.

To zoom quickly to 100% in Xtreme Pro, just press Ctrl+Shift+1.

Flash Examples
A number of example Flash animation examples are available for download in Xtreme Pro. Just open the Clipart gallery (Shift+F10) then click Get Clipart. A Flash Animation Examples folder will be downloaded.

What do you use Xara Xtreme for?

Creating Flash animations
A quick guide to creating Flash animations using Xara Xtreme Pro.