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Creating a newsletter and a website from scratch in about 10 minutes using Xara Xtreme
One of the strengths of Xara Xtreme is the ability to create WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) multi-page documents and, since the launch of V4, websites. In this tutorial, I will use one of the many newsletter templates (found in the Clipart Gallery) to show you how easy it is to create your own custom newsletter and matching website.
On the left you’ll see the template I’ve chosen from the ‘Brochures, Flyers & Newspaper’ folder in the Clipart Gallery.
If you mouseover the image on the left, you’ll see the custom version I’ve created for a fictitious optician, incorporating new images, titles, colors and textures, and buttons for the website version.  
Creating the Newsletter
So these are the steps you would take to customize the template and create my newsletter and website.
1) Open the Clipart Gallery, select your template doubleclick on it to Open (or you can just open it from the link above).
2) Drag and drop your replacement photo onto the image at the top right hand side. You can use any image of your choice, but in this tutorial I have chosen a photo purchased from iStockphoto that fits my optician theme. Resize and position the photo as required using the Fill tool.  
My original photo was full color but in order to make her eyes stand out I made the photo black and white, except her eyes. So first, to make a photo black and white select it, and then click the white color from the color line at the bottom of the screen.
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Newsletter and Website Tutorial -1-
Mouse over the picture
Building photo replaced with the face