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Yes it's true, you can buy Xara Xtreme 2 for just $19. This is the full program, as previously sold for $79!

Xtreme 2 is now the greatest value choice you will find for all your drawing and photo needs. It's ideal for any design work that includes drawing, text or photos, making it a snip to create everything from simple logos and buttons to ambitious photo compositions, posters or brochures.

Find out more by watching our demo movie and giving our free 15 day trial download a spin. And don’t forget to check out the example graphics creating by some of the Xara Xtreme pros in the Xara Gallery.

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Frequently asked questions
Thank you for your interest. We are receiving a huge response to this offer, and are trying to answer your questions as soon as possible. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions. Please read them before ordering or contacting us.

How does Xara Xtreme 2 compare to Xtreme 5 and Xtreme Pro 5?
Xara Xtreme 2 is a previous version of Xara Xtreme. You can find out the differences between them here.

Should I purchase Xara Xtreme 2 if I own Xtreme 5 or Xtreme Pro 5?
As Xtreme 5 and Xtreme Pro 5 are newer versions of Xara Xtreme 2 it is not recommended that you purchase Xara Xtreme 2.

What is the difference between Xara Xtreme 2 and...?
The order of product releases is (from oldest to newest): CorelXARA > Xara X > Xara X¹ > Xara Xtreme 2 > Xara Xtreme 3.2 > Xara Xtreme 4 > Xara Xtreme 5. To find what's new between CorelXARA and Xara X click here. To find what's new between Xara X and Xara X¹ click here.

How do I unlock/install Xara Xtreme 2?
Please visit our newly updated product installation and account queries troubleshooter for instructions.

How much will Xara Xtreme 2 cost me in total?
The cost of the product is $19. VAT will be added at 15% in EU countries.
"This graphics package is a good budget buy, but that's just the beginning." says PC .net

"If you've never tried Xara, prepare to be astounded." "The sheer simplicity of Xara Xtreme when working with gradient fills, transparency and shadows, not to mention gorgeous bevels and perfect anti-aliased output, make this program a joy to use. says Computer Arts, awarding Xara Xtreme a Recommended.

You can check out other press reviews and awards and customer testimonials on our website.
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