Webstyle incorporates the world's most advanced 'graphic button' maker. Offering hundreds of styles, you can customize the font, colors, soft shadows and more to create a truly personalized style to suit your website.

Intelligent button scaling

Original design Stretched with
What you'd get
using other software

Most button making software doesn't even allow you to elongate a button—you have to fit your button text in the space given. You can stretch graphics with more advanced graphics software, but this will distort the proportions.

Webstyle intelligently scales button graphics to accommodate your text without distorting the images. Obtaining the same results using traditional software, such as Adobe Photoshop, would require very complex slice and copy operations, taking an expert many minutes per graphic. It's entirely automatic and instant in Webstyle.

With Webstyle the original design remains intact, and in the correct proportions for any length of text on your button.

Perfect quality scaling

Thanks to the world's most advanced vector graphics engine* a graphic used by Webstyle can be resized to any size and retains 100% perfect quality.

If you use traditional image or bitmap graphics software you get ugly image artifacts such as jaggies or blurring.

* Xara introduced the world's first anti-aliased vector rendering technology. Tests show it remains the fastest vector rendering engine available today. It include features, such as advanced transparency effects, that enable photo-realistic vector graphics unmatched by any other vector graphic tools.

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