When you buy a copy of Xara Xtreme, you'll be sent the following goodies:

Xara Xtreme CD containing:
  • Xara Xtreme software
  • More than 60 intro and demo movies
  • Full HTML help
  • 3000+ clipart images and examples of Xara Xtreme artwork
  • 200 photos
  • 500 textures
  • 250 free fonts in TrueType and Postscript format
In addition to the above the Retail version of Xara Xtreme also includes:

Printed Quick Reference Card

Bonus Xara Xone CD containing:
  • PDF manual
  • More than 80 HTML tutorials featuring step by step creation of images
  • Hints & Tips
Plus all versions include free technical support. The Retail retail version costs just $10 extra.

If Xara Xtreme is ordered online the downloadable trial is immediately unlocked and the CD is sent by post.