FreeHand has been discontinued and we know you're having to consider the alternatives. So, why should you choose Xara Xtreme Pro:

  • We're not Adobe!
  • The Pro version of Xtreme is developing rapidly, with two updates in the last six months and foreign language versions to be released in the next couple of months. With the new resources of Magix behind us, and their full support for the Xtreme range including Pro, we offer a guaranteed future development path for this product
  • And if recent painful experience has taught you to be cynical on this issue, we'd mention that the bulk of Xara Xtreme source code also exists in Open Source form (see , and so nothing and no one can decide to take the product away from you. So even if Magix or Xara were bought by Adobe to close down the competition - to take some wild hypothetical scenario - they can't cancel this product in the same way as FreeHand.
  • Pro development is benefiting from the guidance of the Magix design dept (all FreeHand users) ie we suddenly have diehard FreeHand users in house
  • Xara Xtreme is a cost effective, great value solution: a complete new version costs less than the latest upgrade to Adobe Illustrator. And we have an especially good value upgrade offer for FreeHand users
  • Xtreme has a very supportive community of Pro artists, you can see their work in our Xara Gallery, in the Xara gallery at and in the monthly Featured Artist at And you can ask questions or join in the very active Xtreme forum at
  • Of all the alternatives, Xtreme has the UI and toolset that is most likely to appeal to FreeHand users
  • Xtreme is simply the fastest vector graphics programs to be found. Apart from the frustration factor of slow screen update and the negative impact is has on creativity, we understand that for all professional designers, time is money.
Xara Xtreme Pro for FreeHand owners: $249 169 US