Xara Webster - Creating Bitmaps from Objects

You can create a bitmap from objects in your document. The bitmaps can be virtually any size, use any number of colors and can even use a mask (include see-through areas).


To see a movie, click here.

To Create a Bitmap from Objects

  1. Select the objects.
  2. From the Arrange Menu, choose Create Bitmap Copy.
  3. In the dialog box, set the size you want the bitmap.
  4. Set the number of colors.
  5. Choose the dithering type.
  6. Choose the palette type (browser or optimized, see the local help for more details).
  7. If you select the Transparency (mask) option in the dialog box, the bitmap will be see-through where there are no objects. For example, if you create a transparent bitmap of a circle, the bitmap will be circular, not rectangular.

Masked (Transparent) Bitmaps

If you select the Transparency option, this means the bitmap can have areas which are 'see-through'. This simple masking is extremely basic, but allows the removal of the background from pictures. To create a masked bitmap select the Transparency option when you create the bitmap, any areas not covered by objects are left completely see-through in the file.


  • If you want to know how to make the edges of your bitmap smooth so they blend seamlessly into their background, see Creating Smooth Bitmap Edges.
  • If you are creating bitmaps for the web, you might find it useful to use Create Bitmap Copy to see what the final bitmap will look like.
  • To create a bitmap copy quickly, right-click on one of the selected objects to open the pop-up menu and choose Create Bitmap Copy.
  • If you hold down SHIFT when you click the Create button in the dialog box, the bitmap will be created on top of the selected objects. Note that this may mean it looks like nothing has changed after the bitmap has been created.
  • Bitmaps can look like they are of a lower quality than normal if they are not shown at a high enough magnification.
  • Select the Add System Colors option to add 28 fixed colors to the palette. These colors are the normal Windows system colors and a number of primary colors. This ensures the palette includes a spread of colors and may improve the quality of the image, particularly if it contains a wide range of colors. You may need to experiment with this option to get the best results.

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